India Election 2014 Results Online Live

India Election 2014 Results Online Live

election commission

The Election Commission of India will be overseeing the complete electoral process, and their website has all information to do with voting and elections, starting with registering yourself to vote to checking the Indian Election 2014 phases. On the day of counting, they will also display live election results.

The Election schedule page has displayed the polling phases across the country state wise on the map. If you have registered yourself and would like to check whether your name is in the voters list, you can do it here.

The India General Election 2014 Wikipedia Page has all the wiki information you need regarding the upcoming 2014 national elections.

The Google India Election Portal, launched in November 2013, is a bi-lingual portal with news reports, videos and information resources about the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Google had earlier launched a portal to manage voter registration and facilitation in partnership with the election commission. But the partnership between the organisations were severed as major parties and several other raised concerns of national security.

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